August 2010

     BBCode.php was first developed in 2010 as a part of the Fusion Forum System.

     BBCode is a high-level text mark-up language available for users to style content. Websites that use BBCode may include forums, news website comments, and blogs. The idea is to give a restricted set of tags for the user to use for convenience and security reasons.

     BBCode.php features an extensible framework to easily add custom BBCode tags and XSS/HTML injection safe code. Most basic BBCode parsers simply replace basic patterns in the text, leaving the content vulnerable to producing injected code or invalid html (e.g. mismatched tags when using [b][i]text[/b][/i]). BBCode.php, on the other hand, uses a syntax parser which recognizes invalid BBCode and outputs a syntax tree that can be converted into text.

     In 2014, BBCode.php was released as a stand-alone library to the open source community. You can find it on GitHub here.