October 2014 - Present
Website: http://tonypeng.com/drip_splash/

Drip is an app which automatically monitors your bank and credit card transactions, rounds them up, and then donates the change to charities and projects.

The original inspiration for this app came when a friend told me about "Acorns", a similar app that invests your spare change, and Google One Today, an app from Google that encourages users to donate $1 a day to charitable causes. After doing some research on how Acorns processed bank account transaction history, I discovered Plaid, a local startup that powers Acorns. Plaid provides a programming interface to access bank data. Since they were in private beta at the time, I emailed them a quick pitch and summary of the idea, and sure enough, they loved the idea too! I put together a team with some friends, got them up to speed on developing Android apps, and hacked on Drip at Cal Hacks 2014. Drip won the Best High School Hack award.

We're currently cleaning up the code and readying Drip for release. Stay tuned!

Screenshots (Cal Hacks 2014):